Poems by
Kishore Waghmare

Oh! My Beloved Mother

a poem by Kishore Waghmare

Sitting on my Mothers wing,
I took a big swing,
But when we reached the top,
She just let me drop.

I tried to flutter,
But mostly in vain,
I fell on a shutter,
And was in great pain.

To relieve my fear,
My mother covered me with her arm,
And then I felt a tear,
Which tried to make me calm.

I asked for the glitter,
In my Mother’s tear,
But she did just utter,
That I’ll learn it later.

However, I said,
‘You did deceive,
And that is my fate,
Now, I take your leave,
As, I can’t stop to hate.’

Spreading my tender wing,
I took a small leap,
Leap followed leap,
And thus I learned to flee.

The strength of my wing,
Has now made me the king,
The flock was then summoned,
And they honoured me a DIAMOND.

‘This diamond’s shine,
I’ve seen it sometime.’

Then I remembered,
My Mother’s tear,
Which similarly has glittered,
When I first overcame my fear.

Remembering the past very clear,
My heart wanted to pour,
And I was next to my Mother,
In just a few hour.

Lying at Her feet, I said,
‘Oh! My dear Mother

My learned Teacher,
Great was your way,
To help me win my fear.’

‘Oh! My dear Mother,
My learned teacher,
I present this Diamond to you,
Not only
for the halo of glitter in it,
But for the
purity of your tear in it,

Not only
for the edge of sharpness in it,
But for the
resemblance of your pledge of strength in it,

Not for the reason,
that I earned it,
But simply because,
And only
You DESERVE it.’