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a poem by Kimmah

You broke my heart and told me lies,
The cover of love held me in disguise.
It was heaven, pure ecstasy, to feel your body next to me.

The clock keeps ticking and time grows late,
slowly our love turns to bitter hate.
I’ve never had a fight where the fight is having you,
there’s never any words it’s sad but true.
I don’t even know what we argue about.
Our love was strong, but it all turned to doubt.
To say “I love you” and hear it back,
Somehow we went down the wrong track.
Now I plot and scheme of things I would do,
just to hear your voice and be next to you.

You play with the fire of doubt and desire,
just one question for the liar…
Are you playing the game? Or is it playing you?
Are you going for the ride? Or thinking I’ve got to?

I never hurt you. I never lied.
I never cheated, but I still cried.
I was the puppy dog on a rope.
You dragged me along and played with my hope.

I won’t give up until I’m through.
If anyone is losing, its going to be you.
This is the one who passed you by,
You knew I was right, that’s why I caught your eye.
If you weren’t ready, that’s fine with me,
But that isn’t the way that it seems to be.
You ran to her with one thing in sight.
You weren’t ready for me? But SHE’S alright??

I might be sad, but you’ll be much worse.
You broke my heart and karma is a curse.
I was the one who stood in the rain.
I was the one who endured all the pain.

You were the one who made me cry,
even had me convinced that I should just die.
Stay in the sticks and don’t come out!
I’ve warned the girls what you’re all about.

So take your one who cheats on you.
See if she loves you like I do.