Poems by
Khapali M R


a poem by Khapali M R

Oh! The famed Marina
a delight to watch…
the sun slowly rises
the waves made mad
by the amorous clasp
of the full moon
the night passed by
catamarans lay parked
on the beach shore
the urchins make merry
with their pranks
as Baboos pass by
burning the fat.

A little away
from Triplicane
decibel wars are fought
from mosque and temple.

Time trickles by
as din and bustle gather
Oh! my God!
Is it the Deluge
or a sea monster?
Cave mouthed towering waves
fill the horizon.

Men, machines and
mortar structures
vanish in one swallow
cries rent the sky.

Mother nature!
Is it our cruelty to Thee
Or our base passions that
Thee awfully angry?
A trillion apologies
be to our benign Mother!