Poems by
Kendra B

Up to me

a poem by Kendra B

This is the end??
No one told me that this would be the last time
I would ever feel this way again.
I thought that I would hold you in my arms for all eternity
and be with you until the sun shined no more.
I felt as if this was the last time,
on love I’d shut the door.
You changed your mind and left me all alone
to cope with what has come,
you walked away and abandoned me
as if your part was done.
I must admit the day it ended
I cried and hurt a lot,
knowing that this fling of ours will never be forgotten.
Being that you left me with a part of you inside,
time has passed three months exact,
my belly I can’t hide.
I try to deal with pain and hurt as best as I know how,
it’s hard to do alongside of carrying your child.
Each time I touch this child unborn
I feel that part of you,
that grasped my heart
bound by chains and made them come unloose.
I only wish that you could be with me
to watch our seed grow,
to feel a pure and special love
that only parents could know.
You chose the road travelled most
and left with me with the care,
to your child five years from now,
your choice will seem unfair.