Poems by
Kayla Adkinson


a poem by Kayla Adkinson

Endless thoughts churning through my head that never seem to be appeased,
like the angry waters of so many relentless seas.

Full of opinions and emotion,
yet I feel empty, lost and sinking in my deep and utter devotion.

These illusions I have created as bleak as they may seem,
Lift me from reality and drop me into someone else’s dream.

Constantly followed by a dense and suffocating fog,
like a prisoner struggling to find my own softly spoken dialog.

I find myself trying to break free,
I want the world, no I want ME to see me.

Instead I stay confined, confined to this lifeless existence,
It is so hard, so insufferably hard, struggling against all of this resistance

And so I ask what is the purpose of this life I claim?
Yet no answer comes, so it is here that I must remain.