Poems by
Kasim Master

The Face

a poem by Kasim Master

Last evening, quite
Unexpectedly, I found
A face in front of me,
A face, which years
Ago, meant the world
To me!

And there it was,
That very same visage,
As young seeming, though
Years have passed,
Since last beheld,
The very same, a
Little crinkled
May be, but just
As lovely, as it
Was then, even now!

I saw that look again
The very same,
that used in the
Bygone days,
To raptures create,
A desire, to gaze
Forever that
Countenance, and carry
It in the mind
And heart, ever and anon.

I saw that person again,
That had that face,
That had that look,
And I felt those feelings
Same, as I felt then,
Of being unfulfilled
Just as left out,
As it was then,
So I found it to be now!

Oh! Why did I see
That face, that look?
But it had to be,
And so it was!
And now, I carry
That memory, which I
Had lost in the shambles
of the past,
refreshed, as of yesterday,
and the treasure once buried
now surfaces, to entice,
but never ever to possess!