Poems by
Kashif Baig

My long lost friend

a poem by Kashif Baig

My friend, you who laughed with me in my joy,
you who cried with me in my sorrow,
you who were always there for me,
through good times and bad,
you who comforted me with your gentle words,
you who offered me a shoulder to cry on,
you who laughed at the silliest of my jokes,
you who showered me with praise even at my smallest achievement,
you who were my greatest admirer,
you who were my harshest critic,
you who always gave me the soundest advice,
you who always showed me the right thing to do,
you who never let me face my hardships alone,
you who were always there to share my burdens,
you who did so much for me,
but never took credit for anything that you did,
and, now, even though we have drifted apart,
my heart still yearns for you,
Oh my friend, I need you more than ever now,
because life is not the same without you.