Poems by
Karthik Thiagarajan

From my Heart

a poem by Karthik Thiagarajan

You brought me from darkness to light.
You showed me the stars at night.
You taught me what is wrong and right.
The love you showed me,
Needs no episode to highlight.

You soothed me when I shed tears…
And the bond between us will never shear.
You brought me up with love and care,
People like you are really rare.

Just thanks will not repay
All the kindness on me you show,
All the love on me you shower,
All the care on me you show,
All the…

You mean much more to me,
Precious than anything else.
From deep inside my heart I am saying…
That I love you and forever…
And thank thee Lord for giving me,
Such a great mother and father!
I love you, Mom and Dad!