Poems by
Karpagam R

When you wet my lips

a poem by Karpagam R

I dream of the day I’ll be close to you and it’s my only wish!
Words are not enough to say how very much I miss!
I miss the love of your heart and the way you caress.
I miss the warmth of your hug and the taste of your kiss.

I long for the evening that we will be together.
I long for your touch and the way you call me dear.
I want you to hold me in your arms so near
I want you to know that I only have your fever!

I wish to be your eyes so you see the whole world.
I wish to be the sleep to give peace to your heart.
I sense your pulse in my every spasm of nerve.
I sense you in me, as you are my only love!!

I will forget everything, all the grief and pains,
The yearning, the lust, the ache and the pining craves
At the moment you hold me in your wrapped grips
And with all your love when you wet my lips!!!