Poems by
Karen Torbiak

White Gold

a poem by Karen Torbiak

They call me the Dream Weaver
for I am she who enters
your nights to spin fantasy
of all the hearts desires

The desires cherished most
are ones that I see sparkle,
in your minds like a diamond,
precious for one to behold

Of love, the hearts desire,
with souls joined, bodies entwined
as spirits meet across time
the one who makes their heart sing

As I stand beside your bed
I see the color of love
that sets the dream that I weave
for your private enjoyment

When Red filters into view
feelings of passion flow hot
giving the color of love
as I weave the dream for you

Hands that touch with gentleness,
lips meeting possessively
setting your love on fire
as you respond with passion

Entrance in loves passion heat
you join becoming complete
blending bodies as you reach
the mountain of desire

Sky Blue is this one I find
gentle love dwells in this mind
wanting loves tender touch
is that which is desired

In moonlight I build this dream
where two may walk hand in hand
and share the magic of night
with fingers warm, gentle touch

On sands of time their feet bare
with breezes sent to soothe them
an ocean beach lovers world
strolling under harvest moon

Bright Yellow radiates here
for love is sweet and golden
filled with scent and taste divine
as love defines strength of time

Sweet love sharing lovers swing
in summers soft evening light
shows us two in quiet pose
sharing such serenity

Turquoise is the color here
filling this room with loves dreams
giving me much more freedom
to weave dreams of fantasy

Love here is filled with passion
giving magic dreams of two,
made for one of fantasy
on worlds designed by lovers

Taste, touch, sound, smell and sight
are all combined together
in your world of fantasy
all senses are brought to life

Loves songs are played in the air
while words of love flow freely
and these two shout that all see
the joy of love they have found

Yes, this is the one I search
long and hard to fine today
that gives lovers no restraints
and is very rarely found

White Gold the love that’s so rare
and that which I have now found
is the blending all love
making all colors to one

For these precious lovers shout
we are complete forever
and our spirits search ended
joining in understanding

Blessed best by all of the Gods
this love is highly cherished
as two souls reflect their love
now they join eternally

The Dream Weaver that I am
I sing with such gratitude
when I find this rare True Love,
White Gold, stands the tests of time