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I never see you in pain, Mary Jane!

a poem by Karan

Did you feel it when the sorrow struck?
You’re never wounded, or are you always healed?
I see a choking fist, holds back all that’s wrapped up,
A Jack-in-the-box, or all of negativity sealed?
That hum is so familiar, another world, an O.B.E.
Real hate is a seed, but your love’s a growing tree
I’m deaf to the world now and I close my eyes too
I am your slave in all that I do
Kiss my childish thoughts goodbye
When I’m with you, this burden I untie
The comfort makes it same, laughter or cry
A mischievous body and intoxicating eyes
Hours in a void or lost in paradise
Finally free, but am I happy or sad?
I’m tired and thinking as the feeling dies
A cold silence, cold in my brain
I’m not in heaven and you’re never in pain

I never see you in pain
I never see you in pain
I never see you in pain
Mary Jane