Poems by
Kalyani Ramnath


a poem by Kalyani Ramnath

(From The Edinburgh War Museum:
‘There are still others, whose names, though
not written in letters of gold,
are written in the books of God’)

When you dare look life in the face
When sorrows leave you in a daze
Don’t you ever stop to think,
How others manage not to sink?

How they claim the highest peak
Capture all the prize they seek
While you lie in a dungeon deep
Vainly toil without rest or sleep?

When they are praised to the skies
You live amidst pain, deceit and lies
When their names are engraved in gold
Your story dies unnamed, untold

Fame, fortune and popularity
May seem symbols of immortality
But your name will forever remain
Immortal; in the book of God above.