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The Glittering Diamond

a poem by Kalyani

Concealed in the bowels of the earth,
Mined and then is the diamond obtained.
Of carbon it is an allotrope
A different atomic structure,
And lo and behold!
It is a diamond
Brilliant and lustrous.

A great deal is the diamond polished,
And then it sparkles,
And then it glitters,
With the colours of the rainbow:
Blue and red and yellow,
And pink and green and orange.
It is a piece of splendid beauty.

The diamond is set in glamourous gold,
Or set it is in serene platinum,
Jewellery exquisite that is so alluring,
For, magnificent is the diamond gem,
Earrings, nose pins, pendants and rings,
And studded in watches and belts too,
All in varieties galore and styles elegant.

Grand is the diamond in all its splendour,
Unsurpassed is its beauty,
It is the diamond – the precious gem,
As a gift for the sweetheart,
Or as a present for the loved one,
For it is the symbol of love-
True and Undying.

The diamond jubilee,
Is the anniversary sixtieth,
And for this special occasion,
And the special person,
For congratulations and for thanksgiving,
For good wishes and for continued togetherness.

The beauty of a glittering diamond,
Is so enchanting,
And so attractive,
And when I see it,
I am filled with delight and wonderment,
And I exclaim,
How gorgeous!