Poems by
Jon Frikken

Renewed Love

a poem by Jon Frikken

In recent times,
my love for you has been hidden,
unheard of by any.
This is a renewed love,
which is not to be forgotten,
but to be remembered and not neglected.

This renewed love in my mind,
which you are so blind.
For I cannot get over you,
that cannot be more true.

When you have thought I lied,
that is when you have left my side.
However, despite this mistrust,
your love still seems to be a must.

At times it had felt unthrifty,
and for that I am guilty.
Although our relationship turned to pain,
it seems to have left a stain.
This is a stain that will not just wash out,
but come back later to yell and shout.

At a time when my thoughts were tainted,
it created a love within not to be fainted.
Rather this love came back very distinct,
built up from a long period of denial.

This denial used as a tool,
resulted in myself being cruel.
Although that was not my intention,
it was used with great attention.

For that, I regret,
since it caused much fret.
But please do no judge by my first experience,
for that has brought about change.

I am no longer the same,
with much more wisdom than I can name.

With that, I urge you not to prejudge
by previous experiences,
but to make new experiences and to
not see as much wrong-doing
as I have been known for,
in the past.