Poems by
John Richard Ebenrzer

The Last Traveller

a poem by John Richard Ebenrzer

Send off through
wreath and wafted scent,
with ululating mouth and
bereaving heart.
Resting peacefully in the
ocean of silence in solitude.
The last travel makes the
meaning of life,
with shattered dreams of love.

The passion love and hatred are
the hues of bubble breaks along and
flows towards mighty darkness.

Slice of love she yield,
remains fossil in me.

Who are the travellers to darkness,
where Gods and Devils receives.
The warmth of snuggling,
the toddling steps, warmly hugs,
now frozen to ice.

Centuries passed with shiny moons,
she hasn’t returned.

Then the love stifles as candle in wind
I will see him one day
as twinkling star in the
barren sky.