Poems by
Jennifer L Perez


a poem by Jennifer L Perez

When everything seems like it’s going so straight naively
your blind by other ones hate,
until one day your paths entertwine
no longer are there smiles occupying your time
every minute your contemplating a way to ruin this other persons day;
you blame it all on this other
that way it helps so that you don’t smother-
in all the hate you have building inside
it’s overflowing and it’s a rough ride,
but instead of you making peace with yourself
you go along blaming every one else.
your soul is getting eaten away
and through this darkness there are but a few rays
you want to break down the walls of darkness to find light,
but you’ve been going left for so long you don’t know which way’s right.
So you’ll continue to trudge on the path
that you’re on your soul blackening with each step till eventually it’s gone…