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a poem by Jeet

Where has life taken me today
With the rise in the sweet breeze morn
And the ray of the sweet rising sun
Realization came – its time ‘Rise Up’

Life is a smooth go
When you leave it loose, there is no worry
But when you put stress it’s a total hurry
A rush to reckon with “What is there in store for me”

How much it bothers me when I think of my future
What I have today, will it be there forever
Constant change, Constant revolution
Trust! I have to change with time

Stages of life all go through
So have I been too
When I am in the midst of it, its like on a sharpedge
Where I have to move through

Turnings in life came, with it came struggle
Friends and foes came and I cleared those hurdles
But look down and see where you stand today
Are you the perfect one that you dreamed yesterday?

Yes lot more to go, there is lots to do
I have to be one, and make all expectations come true
Time to rise up, and do the best.
For if not for myself, at least for my dreams to come true.