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a poem by Jeet

What a down trodden word the world says,
True but there is so much hidden in it
So much portrayed in it
Its how you understand it and how you portray it

Relate yourself to the one you love
What do you see… Love or Lust!!!
If its emotional and virtual
You say I am in love and not lust

To look at the other side
If you had touched her
And put her virginity at stake
Gosh!! The world says it was nothing but Lust!!

Sex, lust and love
The three relation complicated
Dig your conscience and ask
What is your acquaintance?

Sex after marriage is lust
If there is no love, “for make love and not sex”
For the sanctity lies in your thoughts
Rather just you make the habit a must

So much is there in a relation
Beyond sex and lust
It’s the give and sacrifice
For one you love

Just a social binding call marriage
Where sex becomes no more lust
Is that a mask you put on
Or the relation loved?

Prick your conscience
Dig your heart
Pray with your folded hands
You are the judge: