Poems by
Janine Williams


a poem by Janine Williams

I once met a boy
who used me like a toy.
I thought it was meant to be.
He was nice, charming, and kind to me.
Come to find out all he wanted to do was hit it and leave.
He said everything I wanted to hear.
I thought his heart to mine was near.
But one night before I knew it, we were getting close
and it was hard for me to oppose,
I gave him what he wanted thinking he’d love me more.
But in his mind, he just wanted to score.
I thought he wanted the real me.
Blinded by love, there was more to him I couldn’t see.
It was 60min of pleasure, then 9 months of pain,
the feeling of being used will always remain
as I sit here as my stomach starts to swell.
I think to myself I was going the right way;
but I slipped and fell.
So here’s a lesson that should be heard
if he says he loves you
remember actions speak louder than words.

Dedicated to Statistics