Poems by
Janaki Rani

Living in Dreams

a poem by Janaki Rani

Two lives I live together,
Each one as vivid as the other.
Real life and dream life shuffle casually,
Which is which I wonder usually.

Working hard, I burned the midnight oil,
But wasted all my toil,
By forgetting the date of examination.
Oh no! I graduated with distinction.

My pregnant sister-in-law ignores my plea,
To turn around and look at me.
In sorrow, my heart aches profoundly.
Oh! She hands me her baby fondly.

My brothers are playing loud music,
The vibration of glass panes is terrific.
A happy family reunion on a holiday,
Oh! They are thousands of miles away.

I am married to a penniless beggar,
I couldn’t have a sorrow bigger.
My parents sent me to this doom,
Oh no! They are looking for a well-to-do groom.

As I write, my vision blurs dully,
I feel heavy and can’t open my eyes fully.
My hands are stuck to the paper.
Oh no! I am typing in my computer.