Poems by
Jamon Nelson

Light to Black

a poem by Jamon Nelson

I surf on a sunbeam.
It takes me to the depths of a flowing current in the ocean.
Drags me to Canadian winds north of the border.The winds
carry my body to the outer edges of the eye of Elijah,
as it heads back to the ocean, on the very
entrance of the Bermuda.
Spinning on the Triangle, the jello-like water
sloshes and dances between my toes.
Scary lightning blasts the heavens, seems as the angels guard the
clouds for dear life from each threatening bolt.
Yet a tsunami over the horizon collides with me
and takes me under, winning the battle.
These waters are cursed, I can’t swim upward
I sink slower with each breath growing shorter.
What started my day with a bright sunrays
has ended with dark suffocation.