Poems by
Jake Joss

The Celestial Enigma

a poem by Jake Joss

Is God an apparition, does he have a form?
Is he like the resplendent sun, or is he the ravaging storm?
Is he the ultimate master, the only one of its kind?
Is God just a mirage, an illusion of our mind?

The questions are a conundrum, but the answers are clear.
There exists a transcendence, to which we are dear.
He is the incentive, the stimulus of sagacity.
He casts our kismet and leads the way with vivacity.

Some find him in idols, some feel him in the invigorating air.
Some find his divine presence, in people for whom they care.
God doesn’t emanate from any temple or sacred book.
The real God is within you, and that’s exactly where you should look.

During a catastrophe, a saviour for we do grope.
If faith resides in our hearts, we descry a glimmer of hope.
Faith is the instrument bringing vitality even into a stone.
With faith in your heart, you can never be alone.

Faith, hope and love are the routes to felicity.
But love is the boon, granting complete equanimity.
Love is the potion, which thirsty hearts ask for more.
God without doubt is love, the answer you are seeking for.