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Sleep of Death

a poem by Jabs

As from the time people,
said I have born,
and opened my eyes,
to let the light through,
and let myself known,
to this living world,
world full of vanity.

And from the day I did so,
I have seen things,
both causing gain and pain,
and bringing to people smiles and sorrow.
But one day in my sleep,
I felt some thing supernatural,
from the invisible space,
and saw I,
a beauty so magnificent,
a loving queen so cute,
that though she is far from me,
in my dreams,
I can feel,
the fragrance of her skin,
the current of her breath,
the warmth of her body,
the love of her heart.

Now it has been my one destination,
in this deadly living world,
to bring her to life,
to make life a pleasure,
to be at her side,
in every piece of time,
to bring out the spice of life,
for now and forever,
through our eternal love,
and I will prefer,
the best way one can do that,
that to sleep with her,
on the moistured soil – “THE SLEEP OF DEATH”