Poems by
Itee Sharma

My days and nights

a poem by Itee Sharma

So many days and so many nights
With lots of love and lots of fights.
I live with no complain
Coz I know I deserve it.

With no experience of life
I walk on this dangerous knife.
But I live without a pain
Coz I know I deserve it.

What you see is what you learn
What you do is what you did yearn
And I live without a brain
Coz I know I deserve it.

Live and let live I always believed
To spread happiness is for what I lived
And life did not let me remain
Did I deserve it?

Life got exhausting, tiring, and demeaning
And insulting, mocking and disgusting.
But I accepted this slain
Coz I thought I deserved it

Days become weeks and weeks become months; they together turned to years.
And my sorrow I couldn’t hold; they together became tears
And now I want to complain
Coz I don’t deserve this.