Poems by
Ipshita Ghosh

A Diamond is forever

a poem by Ipshita Ghosh

Every common man is a diamond –
black as a coal,
empty-stomached, yet a goal;
through centuries of oppression
in the heat and compression
he changes, and grows
till one day it shows
he’s lustrous and precious,
soft, yet outrageous;
shining in his armour
like a star-forever.

Every young heart is a diamond –
fragile, yet strong
it’s right is it’s wrong;
in the light of emotions,
in the face of erosions,
it shines, and it beats,
it loves, and repeats;
when it’s times are long gone
it is alive to adorn
the song of a bard,
and the beat of a heart.

Every moment lived is a diamond –
like the thought of a poet,
in the verse of a sonnet
it hides, and unfolds
it tells what’s untold;
it’s a jewel on a string
of memories that cling,
and every ray that falls
gets trapped in it’s walls
and lingers therein,
to make it shine from within.