Poems by
Indranil Banerjee

The Dissolving Star

a poem by Indranil Banerjee

As the daylight shrank into a purple patch
At the western corner of the blue,
As the darkness approached to reign over
Snatching away its aerial hue,
You appeared gently, like a drop of dew!

It was like the song of the rainbow
Sung by the birds after rain,
Which soothes the heart from great distress,
Relieves the mind from sheer pain,
And pours the thrill of delight into the brain.

Your purity and radiance hijacked my thoughts
And drove them to the world of dreams.
The silent words of affections of your eyes
Made me mad enough to scream,
“The world is now mine, and I AM THE KING”

Suddenly some grey clouds gathered in the welkin
And screened you from my vision.
An intense pain pierced deep into my heart
And my dreams were put in erosion.
Destiny doesn’t care for true love and emotion!

I needed you in this journey of my life,
Which was always tough and coarse.
But, from a distance, you gave a smile
And uttered to me with remorse,
“I’ll ever be with you, but… not YOURS!”