Poems by
Imosana Thockhom

Ode to a Friend

a poem by Imosana Thockhom

Law, justice and black cloak
Blind; all blind, nothing emit the Ray
Cannot verdict the right one.
The river Ganga once the survivor of the life
The holiest of the holiest is polluted
Now can no more turn sinners to pure
Every part of her body is a solution
A solution of venom.
A day may come
Frozen snow of the Himalayas may melt
Then will turn its originality
Birth-death, death-birth
“If winter comes can spring be far behind”
Your body once smeared with mud
Now the God Indra will wash it away
Ye Know! thyselve will become perfect pure;
Ye become the rainbow on the Blue Nile.
Forgive you by ‘Meharat’*
And become Ye ‘Abebe’**
Like when April with his shower sweet
Breeze with his sweet breath
Branch and root perch vintage
Hope of budding is yet to come on both of you.

*Meharat means forgiveness (Ethiopian)
**Abebe means new growth.