Poems by
Hyder Nayab

My Shangri-La

a poem by Hyder Nayab

The dimly lit golden glimmer,
That inviting smile on your lips,
With blinking star-bedecked necklace,
And glowing full moon on forehead:
O alluring grey eyed beauty,
I get going to think of you!

Though I have seen you quite often,
I would swear my craving for you
Does never decrease in its pull.
So I keep waiting from noon at
Puri or Gopalpur-on-sea,
For daylight reaching its autumn,
So that I could slowly move out,
And make way to my Shangri-La,
To get engrossed in sublimity,
Till after eleven in the night.

O my lovely gloaming seaside,
Your cool and quiet solemn vista,
Does give me such endearing vibes,
That I get tranquil happiness
As long as I rest on your lap,
Like someone sipping in his peg
Of wholesome whisky-on-the-rocks,
Forget himself, his whereabouts.