Poems by
Huzaifa Zoeb

To God

a poem by Huzaifa Zoeb

I plead you to look into this:
You created me a perfect soul
Now I am cast in a different mould
What you intended and what I am
Perhaps you love me ‘as is where is.’

I long to break the shackles of security
And romp into your wide vast world
What stops me I do not know
It’s simple to say but not easy to go.

To work is not to suffer,
but to work without love.
All the hearts that are lonely
Are wanting in that only.

The mosques, churches and temples
Call people towards them
To find relief from the burden
Or to rise above existence.

People expect from each other
And duty asks to perform
But the inner voice that is restless
Asks you to move on.

You made life in two forms
One a source of solace to the other
You also made some between the two:
For them no peace was written by You.

The one who wears enough of armour
And the other who is open to arrows of doubt:
The first one’s armour rebounds the wrong
The second must everytime think and be strong.