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Wave of Despair

a poem by Himans

There are times
When your eyes are in haze
Your vision blurred
Your head’s in daze

All you see and all you feel
Is the monotonous din of shrouded unreal
Dangling thoughts, struggling to survive
Am I dreamin’ or still alive

And all the whine of the jittery dead
Gets the crux rite in your head
When n all the lions tussle ‘n’ pry
You see the kill ‘n’ wonder why

You retire inside your jaded norm
Your thoughts now churnin’ in a brewin’ storm
The rage inside implodes within
A second of calm, a silent glim
You break the shackles ‘n’ set ablaze
On a crashin’ edge, a fiery wave

Enconsed within, an emphatic zeal
You race to light, to see the surreal
The haze is gone, the vision clear
You see the horizon ‘n’ all its spheres

The man who once was muffled ‘n’ green
Now basks in glory ‘n’ walks the dream