Poems by
Hillol Ray

Seeds of Love

a poem by Hillol Ray

Reflection of your face
Clears the shadow on my heart-
And unveils the mystery
Beneath the anatomical chart!
Shape of your hour glass body
Makes me feel like to dance-
And bounce of your every ounce
Drags me down to a romance!
As the moment goes by,
I feel your magical touch-
And drown with my crown
With feelings and as such!
Swings of your curly hair
Along the moonlit kiss-
Throttle the gears of my heart
That I don’t like to miss!
You follow me from top to bottom,
Front and behind-
And make me speechless
With a restless mind!
I watch your eager eyes
With a longing to have you now-
But can’t express in words
Why, when, where and how!
Your love engulfs me
In a hurry and shameless way-
So I feel like to dance with you
Without a mental sway!
Dusk seems to cloak
Around your evening gown-
And I watch hands on clock
Till the sun goes down!
The fire behind mental floor
Begins to toss and turn-
And I see rhythms on your lips
Giggle with a churn!
So now I know your true love,
And feel the presence as well-
To energize me for tomorrow,
Where seeds of love will dwell!!