Poems by
Hema Rangaswamy


a poem by Hema Rangaswamy

Wherever I went his gaze followed me
my every breath,
my every movement,
was shadowed by his ubiquitous eyes.

He became my second shadow
whenever I met his eyes
his eyes passed eloquent messages

I could understand love
but, why sympathy?
I became his shadow soon
at one point of time
our shadows enjoyed each
other’s company

“Why?” I asked him
he did not reply
“How?” I enquired
he shrugged his shoulders
beyond ‘whys’ and ‘hows’
our magnetism blazed

One day he asked me
“Are you willing to come with me?”
“I will travel to the ends of this
world to be with you”

He smiled,
“Will you come with me out of this world?”

Slowly the truth dawned
now I understood his sympathy

He was my messenger of death.