Poems by
Helen Mary

Strong feeling

a poem by Helen Mary

I feel thee in the touch of sand
And I see thee in thy made light
I believe in your sacrifice to remind me
Of your love which I poorly maintain

Often I cried from bottom of my heart
Without knowing that you are holding me tight
Times when I stood strong I found myself
Under your power that wrapped me around

Cunning was my heart when I blamed you
Wasn’t that hurting you I asked, you said
“No my child” but painful I felt
When I saw you wiping your tears

Counted the days I deceived you
But it crossed the days that brought you near
Perfect is your kindness, which I don’t deserve
Plentiful is your forgiveness, which I misuse

So lord I aspire not to hurt you anymore
But do things that can make you proud
How far will it go just if I get few miles away
Will I see how honest my feelings are?