Poems by
Harsh Kumar

Frame of Love

a poem by Harsh Kumar

Whatever built this mortal frame,
thoughts, passions and delights,
the feelings of bondship,
is what is love.
‘ts a thing of that sort,
which disturbs the presence with joy,
that when prevailed,
there are no events in fray.
With the worth of eternal emotions,
of all creatures great and small,
yea,’ts the testimony of all ages,
the ages very old,
of the kings and the queens,
to the Romeo’s Juliet;
and Lincoln’s race to the freedom of Gandhi,
as the patriot soul’s food,
from every age to age,
in the ages of old and youth.
God is love and love is god,
all ye’ need to know,
in it the sweet pains are bartered matters,
as the pains are great and true.