Poems by
Hari Varadhan

To the queen of my heart…

a poem by Hari Varadhan

When I thought all was gone
When I thought I had no one
You came to me not as a ray of hope
But as strong and bright as the sun
You changed my outlook
You made me feel different
You filled my being with peace
I am all what I am just because of you
You pulled from the dark wells of depression
And gave me the honor by sharing a bond of trust
You are the best thing that ever happened
And it is your care that nurtured my soul
I admire every aspect of you
Your character, your beauty and your wit
You are the one who motivated me
Who taught me to fight and never to quit
You are my strength, the meaning of my life
Without you I am nothing but lost
Though it is a breach of promise
That can break the bonds of your pure friendship
Girl! I know I can’t take this secret to the grave
That secret that makes my heart beat
I am sorry, I never meant to
Forgive me but what I say is so very true
Just three little words “I love you.”