Poems by
Haminder Singh Sasson

Gift of Love

a poem by Haminder Singh Sasson

Thank you for the songs I’m writing
   And for everything in my life
For the joyful moments I’m having
   And for the poems of my life.

I hold the things I love in my hand
   But for you I search in my mind
I can’t find you in this world
   ’cause you have always lived in my soul.

And when my wish came true finally
   I learnt what love meant actually
Now I know the gift of Almighty
   It is “Love” that lasts eternity.

I wish we’d hold hands and walk to heaven
   Or even hell I would pray
Because with you I don’t care
   “Love” will exist even there.

I write these lines so faithfully
   so others would know love actually
And in the dark nights they would see
   Me ‘n’ you walk over the sea.