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All that I need is…

a poem by Guddu

As you leave after talking to me,
turn back and give me a smile.

As you talk to your friend’s,
give me a glance.

As I pass by your workstation,
raise your eyebrows up to me.

As we have coffee, hold my hands,
and whisper in my ears ‘I love you’.

As you go home at the end of the day,
look into my eyes and tell me you’ll miss me.

As we go hand in hand, lean by my shoulders,
and show me you care for me.

As we’re lost in those romantic thought’s,
sing to me all the glory of love.

As we walk beneath the clear blue skies,
give me feeling’s of never-ending love.

As you hold me in your arm’s,
gently bless me with those passionate kisses.

As we talk about the past,present and future,
Promise me you’ll be there for me forever…