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… and I am in Love

a poem by Guddu

I’ve heard my friends talk for hours about love,
I’ve seen people go mad in love,
I’ve seen some win in love and some loose in love,
I’ve had people ask me,”Do you know how nice it feels to be in love”.
Well, crazy, did I think, was this thing called love,
I would wonder if it was possible to confine oneself to just one person,
I never thought this was going to happen to me,
Until that one memorable day,
When I held your hands,
The spark that ignited this flame,
What a moment to cherish,
A moment that has changed my life,
Never have I had this feeling before,
And I know for sure I am in love.
My life, directionless and meaningless, is now worth living a million years.
Of all the happiness, the most charming is your firm and gentle love,
Thank you for blessing me with your love.