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In Need and Not…

a poem by Giridharan

Spring sprouts leaves and flowers
But in autumn they wither
Friendship doth neither
It stands as evergreen trees.

The crumpled leaves on the ground
Get blown away by an ill-wind
Friendship stands firm as post
Through change winds post.

The subway of life
Often has the lights of hope switched off
Yet there is a friend
Lantern in hand
The dusky pallor lifts
And bright light again fills.

Two roads fork
Unsure one stands, which one to take
Comes along a friend
And at once favours one, grasping your hand.

The ebb of life no more tides
Gloom and despair encroach
Suicide beckons
Yet a friend is nigh
And anew swell the tides.

Life’s a desolate putrid bask
Where none pause to look
At the once-lovely flowers
At the shade-giving branches
Slowly rot impinges
Yet a friend lets you flourish
Again some stop to peep
At the benign bask.

Chilliest arm wraps penury
O’er a shoulder weary
Having borne loads
In filial enactment of slavery
Fear not!
Waits a friend with money aplenty
Spends a hungry night in sleep!

The agony of a painful disease
As termites rapidly your flesh devours
Hope it’s dwelling vacates
And you await the moment
In he thunders
With soothing balms and sacred psalms
The pain it’s might bows.

A close one deserts
And your hearts left a desert
All alone
An orphan
Roses you see
Yet you don’t pick any
To the cliffs edge
Slowly your legs trudge
Misty eyes behold deep below
An obdurate death-bed
You hear a familiar whisper
Again you smell the roses.

A happy moment arrives
Abreast are dear ones
Yet the anxious eyes at the windows stare
The hearts in frantic state
Walks in the awaited friend
With magical powers
With magical flowers
Volcanoes of smiles erupt
Dams of joy over-spills.