Poems by
Ghazala S. Hossain


a poem by Ghazala S. Hossain

Love is like a little bird,
   sitting on a tree.
If you try to cage it,
   it would only flee.
Love is like a bright flower,
   in garden of Eden.
If you reach to pluck it,
   it would die soon.
Love is like a clear stream,
   running to the sea.
If you wish to block it,
   it would break free.
Love is like a beautiful butterfly,
   so full of gaiety.
If you move to touch,
   it would fly to safety.
Love is like a cherished dream,
   of a distant land.
If you want to buy,
   it would turn to sand.
Love is like a glorious promise,
   sincere and very true.
If you find love,
   wait for it to find you…