Poems by
Geetha Srinivasan

A Reasonable Nonsense

a poem by Geetha Srinivasan

Eon elapse into eon and what happens – Evolution
Mortals recast, cosmos reform and what happens – Mutation

Life – beginning
of what?
Life – journey
to where?
Life – essence
but how?
Life – challenge
but why?
Life – family
so u care?
Life – friends
so you share?
Life – love
You feel it?
Life – happiness
if so, when?
Life – immortal
then what?

What is life?
An unacknowledged question –
does it start as file new
but ends in the recycle bin!

Friends and family, say some
Fame and money, say some
Love and affection, say some
Salvation, say some.
Health and goodness, say some.
Ethical happiness, say some.
Children and loved ones, say some.
Aims and achievements, say some.

Jus’kidding, forget those above things – “Allegory”
But do think before u ask someone ‘howz life?’ – Crazy
I just scribbled some words, which kinda seems like a – “Poetry”.

Were you ever trying to figure out if you were
A sloth or a monster or if you were
A great mankind on earth, that happened around here.

Please don’t tell me you did a thing of that sought!
‘Jeepers’ just read it and appreciate my thought,
But it’s ‘cool’ if you could have related to what it taught.