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Our Country

a poem by Gabriel

Our country, if you look carefully, is like a kaleidoscope,
A dazzling combination of many rich cultures, with each other trying to cope.
The result makes for a beautiful thing indeed,
Except when we stop loving and start hating on basis of religion and creed.
But India isn’t Hindu, nor is it Muslim, neither is it Christian,
India is an amalgamation of all the religions.
It’s like a house of cards, you pull one out,
And the whole structure crashes down, have no doubt.
India is the great nation that it is today,
Because of all the different religions and cultures that have come into play.
We are lucky to have such a great opportunity,
We can learn so much from other, we can build an ideal society.
But unfortunately, we let our fears and insecurities take control,
Even the religious leaders fail to play a constructive role.
And so some of us have done some really inhuman stuff,
It seems we have abandoned our humanity and love.
The truth is no community is more Indian than the other,
We are all indians, we should be friends and brothers.
So let us sing songs of love, let us leave hate behind,
Let not our hate and prejudice make us blind.