Poems by
Divya Upadhyay

Colors of Nature

a poem by Divya Upadhyay

The green of grass,
it looks so fine,
when the drops of dew trickle down,
and kiss the green bod,
from the top to the bottom, and
the blade of grass swings with joy,
with all its green,
turning pink, the blushing green.

The blue of sky,
it looks so fine,
when the naughty wind, slowly separates,
the drapes of clouds, and reveals,
the bod of sky, the bod so blue,
of the sky so shy,
turning pink, the so shy blue.

The yellow of sun,
it looks so fine,
with all its might, and the yellow light
it appears, with a face so bright,
fading the sky from blue to white
making its way from the deep horizon,
to the heights of sky, the sky so high.

The red of rose,
it looks so fine,
when the kiss of the wind,
swings its bod, the bod so red,
under the sky so blue
and the yellow so bright,
and the grass so green underneath,
laughs tenderly to see the rose blush,
the blush so pink, of the rose so red.