Poems by
Divya Shankar

Diamonds Forever

a poem by Divya Shankar

Gleaming glittering sparking hues
Wonderful things that are very few
Adoring the crowns of Kings, you tower
Above all in beauty for ever and ever.
In everything you’re known to be the best
Cool, brilliant, valuable and even the hardest
Thou actually are a piece of carbon
Sandwitched for ages between a rocky bun
High temperature and pressure makes you a crystal bright
Embedding you in the volcanic kimberlite
Even though you are an imperfect and minute bit
Every person and occasion you smoothly fit
Beauty of thine has been unmatched
Fighting for whom many lives’ve been snatched
Time and again you splash the headlines
Being the main reason behind many a crimes
Through these lines to mother earth, I pay my tribute
For all your famed beauty being the creator mute
Gleaming, glittering, precious thing
When will you come and adore my ring?