Poems by
Divya Kothiwal

Waters of the Ocean

a poem by Divya Kothiwal

Blue waters of the ocean,
Burst into a loud cry,
Howl and roar till the people don’t die;
Rushing tides capture,
Into their huge mouths,
All the objects that come their way.

Weak, scared are the victims,
Of this money.
Only the mightiest of all survives.
But, slowly the cruelty dies.

At nightfall, again the waves,
Gush in with great impact;
This time with more energy,
Beneath, are the homes?
Of many beings;
Destroyed by this tornado
Ends it all!

In the dark, appears giant monsters,
Even the clouds strike and
Shout with fear,
Lightening and heavy downpour;
Is accompanied.
Giving more to the hungry waters of the sea!

With their mouths facing upwards,
Take in the drops of the liquid,
Satisfied and relaxed,
Are the feelings then evoked;
Slowly, the gentle flowing water passes by

Into the back-waters;
Gushes in with extreme force;
Dancing in a merry go round,
Fill every place with joy,
Giving new lives to the newborn trees.

Wells of some Indian villages,
Are the only source;
That too, causes no problem,
By the presence;
Of this great fall.

Happiness is seen among them all,
In their eyes lies the true sincerity,
Beauty of the heart shines now,
On their glowing faces.

All seems as if,
Was purposely done by some – one mighty,
This is where we should understand,
The miracle of God!