Poems by
Divya Gupta

Being with you

a poem by Divya Gupta

Walking along the roads of life
I felt I was alone,
No one whom I could call a friend
No place I could call my home.

People saw me and laughed at me
They asked “Why are you here”
With no friends around, no home to live
There was no happiness for me anywhere

Then one day my life changed
It was the day you came,
Your ever-smiling face, my dear
Seemed to be the end of my pain.

You laughed with me you smiled with me
You shared all my sorrows,
In your beautiful eyes my love
I could see a better tomorrow

Our love is so pure my dear
Our love is so true
Whatever hurdles may come in our lives
I know we’ll pass them through

Life shows all the twists and turns
Life gives you lot of pain
But love gives you all the strength
To stand up, and fight again.

Whatever tests the life may take
But we’ll be together
Promise me today my love
That you’ll hold my hands forever.