Poems by
Dinesh Singh Slathia

Missing You!

a poem by Dinesh Singh Slathia

From the last 24 hours I’m missing you so badly,
but I know that if I could tell you then you’ll respond very gladly,
I don’t know why is it so,
might be me I know,
when one minute looks like one hour,
at that time you are very close to my heart,
your each and every word comes in my mind,
but some times I think that who I’m to bind!
Love is when you both miss one another,
whether you are near or far but you feel like kissing one another,
I wish all the time that you were here,
coz’ your the only one from whom I need care,
your the only one with whom I share,
whether its my fault or not but I dare,
lets be one not for the first time, nor for the last time,
but for the life time.