Poems by
Dileep Cherian

Carbon Dreams

a poem by Dileep Cherian

‘Tis dark and we’re sad,
The moon does not shine and the sky is black,
But when you shine, you light our face;
And darkness can’t stay, but leave.

Can anyone cry and be happy?
Can anyone see when their eyes are closed?
Can anyone laugh when they feel like crying?
Can anyone sing when their heart is heavy?
Can the sun shine through when clouds roll over?
Can we have peace when chaos reigns?
Will truth show herself, when lies render her naked?
Can and will, when you are there,
You are the diamond,
Dark and bright.

When the night is dark and the air is cold,
When the stars don’t shine and darkness reigns,
You see me through, make me fell secure,
Put your spark in my heart.

You are precious
For you are what you are
Gems bow down,
And roses beware!

I see you,
And know God lives.
For you are divine
For you are a diamond.

God put you here,
That mortals may know ;
What ’tis like,
In heaven above.

If dreams were to be made,
With any stuff on earth,
Have no doubt, nothing else
Would ever stand a chance.

Even if beauty,
Rests with the viewer,
He be blind, not to be whirled
By your lustre.

You teach us,
That being imperfect is not a sin,
But not yearning for perfection.
That making a mistake is no big deal,
But not learning from it.
That nobody is perfect,
But they are all worth loving.

For aren’t diamonds impure forms of Carbon?
Aren’t men impure forms of God?
Both reign supreme,
On the earth below.

Spread your light,
Wherever there is darkness
Joy, where there is sadness.
Food where there is hunger
Warmth where there is cold
Peace where there is chaos.

Good will triumph over Evil.
Let your light seep through the hearts of men,
And enlighten mortals now and forever,
For diamonds are forever.
Darkness will bow,
Down before the light!