Poems by
Dhrubodhi Mukherjee

Out of Space

a poem by Dhrubodhi Mukherjee

Its time to leave
to touch the dream afar
the train is on time, sharp at midnight
drop me,
from the carefree space of your heart
to the dimly lit dingy platform of life
your double-chinned kiss
your eyes that is always tense out of my tension
and teared at my fears
will care for me
‘dont be afraid and take care’
and I left.

I need some space now
to keep my homemade feelings
that are rendered homeless in a new set up.

Its time to meet
to touch the dream near
the love is on time, sharply prominent in your eyes.
Collect me
from the out of space platform of life
to your careful spacious heart.

One day I realise
my ‘dear’ is a mirage
my mother still in memory
and me?
Desperately searching myself
within my space.