Poems by
Dhivya F


a poem by Dhivya F

Diamonds, diamonds,
Glittering diamonds,
Thou art for me diamond forever.
Through the mists of sultry days
And of hard ones, we met in the way;
Ever abiding together in love
Not just of heart but that of soul.
Like clear vision in a cool lake,
Crystals they seem, our memories.
Solid, rigid, frozen crystals
Of an affair so worth any deed.
Forever to stay is it in my mind
‘Cause love keeps going at all times;
Not for wealth nor for vain fame
Or to kill the lonely days
But to fill the empty space
Left so blank till I gazed
At your tenderness of lovely poise
So filled with power to draw my heart
And melt it at about 4000K
In your shining, glittering smile.
Truly, thou art for me diamond forever.