Poems by
Dhanya Krishnakumar

A blurred life

a poem by Dhanya Krishnakumar

Continuance an illusion
Yet a reason for existence
Leech-like we cling
And crib to destiny
The irony of life
Love of a complete nature
And yet one that’s unfulfilled
Reality another mirage
A jealous cause
A game to indulge
Lighter moments, silly fights
Faith remains
But for what
You trust blindingly
Yet a loser
A crazy feeling
Wait and long in silence
Acting, masking pain
Hurt, anger, possession, need
Delusions a way out
The night sobs along
Screaming profanity at fate
Partner in crime and loss
The only constant
The significant other in disguise
A sad truth
I look around
He ain’t hiding
He ain’t there at all.
A world apart
We act like bosom pals
No love lost
Perfect strangers on a flight
She hugs him
I look with indulgence
A couple I adore
The heart torn
A bemused me
Something tugs at your sanity
Honey run for your life.
But I chide it into hiding
This is my man
And yet the distance kills
His smiles of longing for her
I break into a sweat
The act wearing
My drink tumbles
My hands drip
I turn away
My life a blur
A continuing illusion.