Poems by
Dhanya Krishnakumar

Crying for you…

a poem by Dhanya Krishnakumar

Oh this agony that my love brings
I wish I had
That one moment back
To make amends
To ask forgiveness
To undo my swarthiness
That he would forgive
My blindness
My foolishness
My cruelty
My selfishness
A dream untrue
But I hope and I hope
That he would talk to me
Make me feel like I was wanted once again
Alas he mourns alone
His pain – my making
I wish I were but someone else
I wish I could but make things right
Go back in time
And hold him close and push it away
But that won’t happen
He hurts and I hurt
I cry for him
I mourn with him
Yet he doesn’t see
My penance
My apology falls on deaf ears
While I plead
He walks away
Far from me to see no more
Of this being
Who hurts and loves in turn
And never looks back
And asks for once
Honey, are you alright?
What can I do to make you happy?
Ones that are never erased
For my follies speak louder
But please for once
Listen my love
I am not bad
I merely love with all my heart
And no one sees my love for you
Sadly, Not even you!
And here I burn in hell for you
My desires
My dreams
Are all full of you
So please wake up
And take me home
For I will perish
If you leave me alone