Poems by
Deovntre Yerby

I still have love for you

a poem by Deovntre Yerby

The two or three years didn’t work out
But now that we both know what each other is about
I think we should be together without a doubt
Because hate to see you sit there and pout.

Although at the time we were both seeing a different person
You were still considered a loved one
Also my sweet lady and honey bun
Because my love for you will never be considered done.

Uno, dos, tres
Is how many times you’ve told me to get out of your face
I thought I was your number one ace
But I see I’m just another miss happened case.

I can’t help the way I feel
Because I thought what we had was real
But you broke the deal
And that made me ill.

I see you’ve moved on
And you left me here to mourn
With a heart full of love that has been torn
I remember the day you left me and walked-on.

So now you know how much I care for you
And how much I love you
Will you change your mind and be my boo
Or will you leave me broken hearted like I got the flu.